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Welcome to the Photo Gallery!

Visit our Twitter Page @CASTMOBILIZER to see photos
from events for 2017-2018 and after.

To view photos 2016-2017 and before, please select a school year below.

Overdose Awareness Day, 8/17
2017 Scholarship Recipient, 6/17
Ice Cream Party, 6/17
Recruiting for SADD, 6/17
Video Contest Winners, 6/17
Inspiration Garden, 6/17
Inspiration Grows, ThumbTree, 6/17
Tobacco Puppet Show, 5/17
Medicine Safety Puppet Show, 5/17
Drugs and Alcohol Puppet Show, 5/17
Natural High Recovery Bags, 5/17
CAST Mental Health Day Wheel, 5/17
‘Real Talk’ Presentations, 5/17
13 Reasons Lunch, 5/17
Test, Talk Act Luncheon, 5/17
2 Inspire PA, 4/17
Natural High Kite Making Booth, 4/17
Red Ribbon Week Tulips, 4/17
Opioids in Your Backyard, 4/17
Career Speakers Series, 3/17
SADD Stand Up Week, 3/17
SAMHSA’s Power of Prevention Challenge, March, 2017.
CADCA Conference, 2/17
Teen Health Week, 1/17
Create Speak Out, 12/16
Hugs Not Drugs, 12/16
Holiday Hoopla, 12/16
Gifts of Hope 12/16
CAST Gingerbread Houses, 11/16
Teen Decisions and the Law, 11/16
Tie One On for Safety, 11/16
Tree Planting, 11/16
Turkey Trot, 11/16
Tulip Planting, 11/16
Celebration of Thanks, 11/16
Natural High Presentations, 11/16
Challenge Day, 11/16
Halloween, 10/16
NOPE Presentations, 10/16
Red Ribbon Week - HS, 10/16
Red Ribbon Week - MS, 10/16
Red Ribbon Week - ES, 10/16
Community of Caring, 10/16
ESL Night, 10/16
BOO to Drugs @ Community Fair, 10/16
Bridgeport Open House, 9/16

Like-Minded Rally, 7/16
Addiction Caucus, 7/16
CADCA Mid-Year Conference, 7/16
Ivy Day 2016, 6/16
Natural High Reception, 6/16
Making Tie Dye T-Shirts, 6/16
Tie One On For Safety, 5/16
Project Sticker Shock, 5/16
Mental Health Awareness Week, 5/16
Tulips for Red Ribbon Week, 4/16
Natural High Kite Flying Event, 4/16
Vision Board, Middle School, 4/16
Addiction Forum, 4/16
Parents and Tweens Workshop, 3/16
Kick Butts Day, 3/16
Dream Makers, 3/16
Vision Board, 3/16
Good Government Day, 3/16
Dream Makers, 2/16
Minding Your Mind Seminar, 2/16
CADCA Conference, Washington DC, 2/16
Teen Health Week Video, 1/16
CAST Seminar: Teens, Parents, & The Law, Making Good Decisions, 1/16
Wear Green Teen Health Week, 1/16
Holiday Hoopla 2015
CAST Community Celebration, 12/15
HS SADD Club Train the Trainers:
What Do You Consider Lethal? 11/15
First Dream Makers Meeting, 11/15
CAST and UM Twp Plant Trees, 11/15
Leadership Conference, Red Ribbon Week - Middle School, 11/15
Prescription Drug Takeback, 10/15
Stomp Out Bullying, 10/15
Community of Caring, 10/15
Back to School Night, 9/15
CADCA MidYear Conference, 8/15

Middle School CAST Club End of Year Ice Cream Party, 6/15
CAST Scholarship Winners, 6/15
High School SADD Club, 5/15
Spring Fair at Caley ES, 5/15
Natural High Kite Flying Event at Upper Merion Area HS, 5/15
Youth Mental Health Awareness Day, 5/15
Our Red Ribbon Week Tulips Have Bloomed!
Earth Day, 4/15
Regional Safe Driving Competition, 4/15
Safe Driving Event, 3/15
Kick Butts Day, 3/15
Nutrition Workshop, 3/15
Real Talk For Teens: Real Talk With a Real Doctor, 2/15
CADCA Conference, Washington, DC, 2/15
Stress Workshop, 1/15
Distracted Driving Event at Wegmans, 12/14
SADD Students Selected For CADCA Conference
SADD's 'Above the Influence' Tree, 12/14
Gifts for New Drivers, 12/14
Holiday Hoopla, 12/14
Red Ribbon Photo Contest, 12/14
Great American SmokeOut-MS, 11/14
Great American SmokeOut-HS, 11/14
MS CAST Club Plants Trees, 11/14
Red Ribbon Week - High School
Red Ribbon Week - Middle School
Thanking CVS for Discontinuing the Sale of Tobacco, 10/2014
CAST Community Celebration To Thank Our Volunteers
"It Can Wait" National No Texting and Driving Day, 9/14
Distracted Driving Event, 7/14
CADCA Mid-Year Conference,
Orlando, FL, 7/14

Mental Health Panel Discussion
Mental Health Awareness Day
Spring Fair at Roberts Elementary
Spring Fair at Caley Elementary
Elks Youth Awareness Seminar
Regional Teen Safe Driving Competition
Hidden in Plain Sight Session
Kick Butts Day
National Coalition Academy, Week 2
Mindfullness Seminar
National CADCA Conference 2014
Stress Management Seminar
Holiday Hoopla
National Coalition Academy, Week 1
Planting Trees at at Heuser Park
Red Ribbon Week - Middle School
Career Night - October 2013
Red Ribbon Week - High School
"It Can Wait" Campaign
Community Fair
Tricentennial Parade
CADCA Conference

Game of Marijuana Fact or Myth

CAST Youth Leadership Camp
Upper Merion Area Talent Show
CAST Club Project Sticker Shock
Prom/Cow Safe Driving Event
Optimizing Summer Vacation Seminar
Minding Your Mind Annual Forum
Plant the Promise Plaque
Challenge Day Spring 2012
Optimizing Communication With Your Child Town Hall Meeting
CAST Club Serves the Community
CADCA Forum 2012
Presentation to Representative Briggs
Debunking the Myths of Marijuana
2011 Football CAST Citizenship Award
Youth Leadership Conference 2011
Anti Drug Poster Contest 2011
CAST Teen Talk Seminar
Children's Hospital Fit and Fun Fest
CAST Live to Tell Seminar
CAST Minding Your Mind Seminar
CAST Meet and Greet
Bridgeport Family Night In
CAST Clubs Project Sticker Shock
Senator Leach's Art Reception

CAST Youth Leadership Camp
CAST End of Year Party
Middle School Youth Summit 2011
Pre-Prom Crash
Upper Merion Area Talent Show
Laying the Groundwork Seminar
Essay Contest 2011
Diversity Workshop 2011
CADCA Conference 2011
"Minding Your Mind"
Child Advocacy Seminar/Spanish
Youth Leadership Conference
CAST Clubs Project Sticker Shock

CAST Youth Leadership Camp
Essay Contest
Senator Leach Town Hall Event
DARE Graduation
Latino Collaborative
CADCA Forum 2010
Black History Month
Upper Merion Area Talent Show
Seminar: Healthy Confrontation
Cyberethics Forum

Red Ribbon Week
Middle School Anti Drug Poster
"Teen Playgrounds: Partying and Cyber Bullying"
"Talking to Teens and Tweens about the tough stuff"
CADCA Forum 2009
"Minding Your Mind"
Upper Merion Area Talent Show
Legislative Breakfast of Prevention





"It is important that universities offer students attractive activities that do not include alcohol or drugs. They need to encourage kids to release stress, meet new people, and stay connected with their community in safe ways. Wellness policies that educate students and give them help if needed are also required in order to set a motivating vibe on campus. Based on all of this, I am happy that I chose the university I did and look forward to a safe and fun year ahead…substance free."

UMAHS Graduating Senior,
Class of  2016




"While the measures that colleges are taking are beneficial, they will never be fully effective until society as a whole and students themselves collectively realize the downside of substance use. It will most likely take a significant amount of time to realize the improvement, but education and awareness as well as testimony from others can pave the way for success."

UMAHS Graduating Senior,
Class of  2015











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